An update to Panominute 1.1 is available on the appStore.

A new flow much easier to shot your panorama and some new sharing feature allowing you to send your panorama directly to TourWrist, Facebook and Twitter, all for FREE.

We can’t wait to see all of your great Panoramas.


★ 360 Panorama & FINAL RESOLUTION up to 15000 x 2000 (30 MegaPixel) on an iPhone 4S. There is NO ADS, it is PROJECTS BASED and it keeps the FULL RESOLUTION!! ★

There is a lot of panorama apps so why this one?


– It is not a copy of other Panorama apps. We are bringing a new experience all together.
– It’s FREE and easy to use, Try it and love it… You do not take any risks!
– No annoying ADS!
– Works on any iOS device running 4.3!


You can now share your panoramas.

– On Facebook. Give a preview of your panorama to your friends!
– On TourWrist (www.tourwrist.com). Upload your panorama directly from the app and let your friend see it on the web or in the TourWrist app!
– On Twitter (iOS 5)


– Projects based – So no waiting for building, you can keep shooting.
– Archives your projects, transfer them to your computer or between devices
– You can edit before building – It’s never too late if you missed some alignments!
– Something you don’t like in the result? No problem!!! Edit and re-build.


– Stunning 360 Panoramas! HIGH RESOLUTION way ahead of every other Apps!

We offer the highest resolution possible for your device! With up to 15000 x 2000 (30 MegaPixel)

– If you want the highest resolution ? Just use our FREE Panorama Builder on a Macintosh.

• Transfer your projects back to the Mac and build it to the highest resolution possible!
• On a Mac, Panorama can be over 70 MegaPixel!!!

Enjoy and share with us what you think of the app!

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