With this update, you can NOW see your panorama without using the gyroscope and zoom in!   Added support to pan manually Added support to Zoom Corrected a bug on 4.0 (Thanks Hari!) French localization… Read More

  Today we are announcing PanoMinute PanoMinute is now available on the App Store. Build 360 Panorama, shot Panorama in high resolution, keep and share projects between devices, adjust, build and rebuild!  And the best part, it is FREE!   *on the go build feature is limited to 1 build a day in the free… Read More

With this update, you can NOW create your own Panorama! We added full support to open file which are made by our new app, PanoMinute. As a Gyroama PRO user you can shot as many Panorama as you want with this FREE app and transfer them to Gyrorama! Added a Map and the ability to… Read More

Today I am proud to announce the first game you play on your TV using motion detection for iOS devices will be soon available on the AppStore!… Read More

Just a Calculator???? Maybe or Maybe not 🙂 Here come Halloween++ A scary calculator for some, a funny one for others ! This calculator does the job of course, but who know what might happen when you use it. Use it at your own risk! This calculator is hiding a few surprises you should discover… Read More

★ Turn, turn, turn !!!! ★ With Gyrorama, use the power of the Gyroscope on the iPhone 4 the new iPod Touch to escape our busy world and immerse yourself into some of the most amazing 360 panoramic landscapes out there. Today, we are delighted to announces the first version of Gyrorama  for iPhone 4… Read More

The version 1.0 of Gyrorama Lite is available today on the UK and US market. http://itunes.apple.com/app/id382474242?mt=8#   With Gyrorama, you can immerse yourself into 360 degree panoramic pictures. Best of all, it works on any 360 panoramic picture found on the web. Search for the place you would like to see, save the pictures in… Read More

  A software bug is the common term used to describe an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways. Most bugs arise from mistakes and errors made by people in either a program’s source code… Read More

  With Gyrorama, you will immerse yourself into a 360 degree world… Gyrorama use the Gyroscope which is available on the iPhone 4 and is fully compatible with multitasking. Available soon!   (Gyrorama Lite will only be available in the US)… Read More

    In store today… 🙂 There isn’t much to a torchlight app. All you want it to do is to turn on and off the LED of the iPhone. There is at least 10 others app like this one but I if you are reading this it is because you took this one, so… Read More